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AUG 27

Threatfest 2022

by ThunderStruk
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About the event

Threatfest 2022 : The Thrash and Death metal festival.

On August 27th we will begin the Threatfest series.
The plan with Threatfest is to grow this festival to the next level and get international acts to play in our very own city of joy and metal, Kolkata.

With that said, we will begin the festival with the following Thrash and Death metal bands:

1. Armament, Extreme thrash, Kolkata
2. Warmarshal, Death metal, Hyderabad

3. Piston, Thrash metal, Bangalore

4. Dreadhammer, Thrash metal, Kolkata

5. Deathlore, Death metal, Kolkata

What you can expect at Threatfest?

1. The Loudest and cleanest sound 
2. Crowd surfing and moshing
3. Festival level lighting
4. Meet n greet with the bands
5. Exclusive merch stalls
6. Collectible items such as our physical passes, posters, and wrist bands that you can show off to your friends

Are you ready to be a part of this legacy?

Hell yeah! I'm ready for Threatfest

Event Updates

June 25

We are releasing a very limited amount of early bird tickets. 100 to be exact. Currently only online tickets are available. Grab it before they are all gone!

What is Threatfest and why it's special?

Threatfest is an annual metal festival in Kolkata, that will host, primarily Thrash and Death metal bands.

We are starting with our very first show on August 27th, with a super tight lineup from bands across India.

The idea with Threatfest is to grow this to a next level international event to cater to the amazing metal heads in the city. And for us to do that we need your support.

Please support us by making the first Threatfest a massive success, so that we can showcase this to get sponsors and the attention it needs to bring international acts from Europe, North America and other continents.

As far as this Threatfest is concerned, we are going to give you a show that you have not experienced ever before. We will have the best and the loudest sound, with festival level lightings. We will have exclusive meet n greet stalls, we will have merch that you can buy and proudly flaunt to your friends. 

We have started this with the dream to put Kolkata in the map of international metal festivals. And without your support we can't achieve that.

So, let's get started!

  • Date and Time

  • Saturday, August 27th, 2022

    3:00 PM onwards

  • Venue

  • Mohit Maitra Mancha

    Paik Para, Dum Dum


    Performing Artists
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    Extreme Thrash
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    Death Metal
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    Thrash Metal
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    Thrash Metal
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    Death Metal

    Final Phase (Save ₹ 100)

    Get the tickets now to witness an epic concert!

    Entry Tickets

    ₹ 500

    ₹ 600

    • 1 access pass to the show

    • Watch 5 metal acts

    • Access to exclusive merch stalls

    • Collectible physical access pass

    Family Pass (Bring Your Parents) 

    ₹ 999

    ₹ 1800

    • Total 3 access passes to the event

    • All that's included in entry tickets

    • You can only bring your Parents (no friends are allowed)

    • Reserved balcony seating for parents

    Limited to 100 tickets only!

    Founding Member

    ₹ 5000

    ₹ 10,000

    • Total 10 access passes to the event

    • All that's included in entry tickets

    • 1 Threastfest Founding Member t-shirt

    • Exclusive invites to pre and after parties

    • Meet 'n greet with bands

    • Lifetime 25% discount on future Threatfest tickets 

    • Priority access to buy tickets

    • Sell ticket as our partner and get 10% commission per sale

    • Get featured as a founding member on our official website

    Limited to 20 tickets only!

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